Our facility has been designed with security and safety in mind. To help us maintain our strictest standards of safety and security, please note the following house rules which apply to all our customers:

  • All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 years and over.
  • Children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian at all times. The accompanying adult is responsible for the supervision, care and safety of their child.
  • TONS OF FUN is NOT a child minding service, and parents/guardians are not permitted to leave children unsupervised on the premises.
  • Entry and exit to the premises is strictly controlled. CCTV security cameras are in operation at all times and security procedures are in place, however please take care of your personal belongings as TONS OF FUN cannot be held liable for lost or stolen property.
  • Only food & drink purchased on the premises is to be consumed on the premises (exceptions apply for babies and children with special dietary requirements).
  • Birthday cakes / decorations / candles etc are ONLY permitted in our party rooms. Latex balloons are a choking hazard and are not permitted on the premises.
  • We ask parents NOT to allow children to enter the play areas with food or drink OF ANY KIND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!
  • Nappy changing must be carried out in the designated baby changing area, and nappies disposed of in the designated nappy bins.
  • TONS OF FUN’s play equipment has been built and maintained to ROSPA safety standards. While every emphasis is put on the safety of the equipment and its surroundings, and every care is taken to maintain the safety and security of our customers, the very nature of children’s play means that accidents can occasionally happen. TONS OF FUN Ltd and its staff cannot accept liability for injury or damage to children or clothing while using the play centre.
  • For safety reasons spectacles, ties, jewellery, watches, badges, earrings, belts, purses etc must be removed before entering the play area.
  • Any accident must be reported to a staff member at the time of the accident and an accident report completed.
  • At least one trained first aider is on the premises at any time


  • Please ensure that children play in areas that are designated for their age and stage of development.
  • The equipment is designed for children under 147.5cm (4’10”) tall. Children who are over the height restriction will not be permitted on the play equipment.
  • No shoes are to be worn in the play areas, socks MUST be worn at all times for safety and hygiene reasons. This applies to all children and to any parent/guardian who might enter the play area. Anyone seen in the play areas without socks will be required to leave the play area and will not be allowed to return until they are wearing socks. Socks may be purchased from reception.
  • No climbing on the netting or outside of the play structure.
  • Children are encouraged to play safely and respectfully with other children. Those children who misbehave, including bullying, fighting, spitting, misuse of the play area or general disruptive behaviour may be asked to leave the play centre and no refund shall be given.
  • Adults are not permitted to play on the structure. Parents/Guardians may go into the 0-3 years (babies) area with their child.
  • Any child or adult who does not comply with the rules of the centre will be asked to leave the premises.
  • The management and staff of TONS OF FUN reserve the right to refuse admission to the premises.

At TONS of FUN we are committed to providing a safe, clean and exciting indoor play and adventure experience that can be enjoyed by both parents and children!